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Attention Commonwealth farmers!

Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange is happy to announce that we are now able provide Virginia growers with locally sourced CBD Hemp clones – selected to give you maximum CBD yield. We offer on-farm consultation services, and unlimited buying power for qualified biomass. Virginians sourcing high-quality CBD Hemp genetics, hemp farming education and unlimited buying power of your CBD crops for the farmers of the Commonwealth.

CBD Hemp is the most profitable upcoming crop in Virginia. Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange is here to help you start your new crop, transition old crops and maximize your yield. We provide the highest quality clones that have been successfully grown in Virginia.

The agricultural market is changing and CBD Hemp is booming. It is an excellent transition crop from tobacco and is an easy addition to vegetable farming. Serving outdoor and greenhouse farmers, our team of farmer educators have extensive hands-on experience growing CBD Hemp crops in Virginia. From planting to harvest, our team of educators will provide the knowledge and experience needed to bring your CBD Hemp crop to market. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I start growing CBD Hemp?

Our team will walk you through the process from start to finish. Serving outdoor and greenhouse farmers, our farmer educators have extensive hands-on experience and will be there to help you start a new crop, transition old crops and maximize your yield.

I currently grow vegetables, is there a place for CBD Hemp on my farm?

Yes! Many fruits, vegetables and herbs are great companion plants for CBD Hemp. However some fiber and seed crops do require an isolation distance. We will guide you through the process of determining compatible crops and planting sites.

Do I need to be concerned about male plants and pollination contamination?

Unlike traditional crops, pollination of CBD Hemp plants is not a good thing. Fertilized hemp plants have very low CBD potency and can destroy the value of your harvest. Even one male plant can fertilize up to an acre of female plants. Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange helps you grow the best medical grade top-cut and bulk oil CBD plants by providing you with the highest quality, Virginia tested clones.

How do I ensure my crop stays healthy?

While no one can control nature, a healthy plant is more resistant to pests and disease. Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange sources the best genetics (clones/seed) in the country and offers a solid education on organic growing techniques that have been tested and proven to produce strong and resilient plants in Virginia.

What do I do with my CBD Hemp crop once I’ve grown it?

You need a place to sell your crop. Fertile Ground Hemp Exchange has worked hard to build the strongest CBD marketplace. We offer unlimited buying power for all of our contracted farmers. We also offer full brokerage services on the open marketplace for non-contracted farmers.

CBD Hemp is Virginia’s up and coming cash-cropbut it comes with its own set of unique challenges. Our goal is to help you get started in this exciting new industry by providing you with all the resources necessary to successfully cultivate CBD Hemp.

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